Sunday, January 31, 2010


Anna-- I think you're brilliant! This blog may be a perfect meeting place for our class. I look forward to gaining insight from others who post here (or simply leave comments on others' posts).

I'm a visual person. If you visit my other blogs, you'll see I don't "speak" much, but like to share images, songs and videos that make me think and grow in my faith (or just be entertained!)

Only because it relates to our study and to the situation in Haiti, I'll share this video with you all:

Purchase Aaron Hale's new song here. No set cost. You pay what you want. All proceeds will benefit Real Hope for Haiti.

Looking forward to seeing you all next Sunday morning.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


My experiences with poverty and its effects have mostly been from the rooftops. I have a strong suspicion that what I see from way up high does not help me really know. I once went to Phantom of the Opera. We sat in one of the farthest rows from the stage, separated from the actors by both distance and height. There were five of us. We shared the binoculars, but even with the aid of magnification, I suspect it was a different event in the front row. My prayer for this study is that each of us who are choosing to invest a little of our time here will be transported to a place where we can more clearly see. Maybe even see as our Heavenly Father does. Just maybe. Can't wait!