Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Okay, so I'm late to post this but finally got around to uploading my picture--

This was really an eye-opening challenge for us as a family--first realizing how much garbage we actually produce, but also trying to find ways to cut down and recycle more than we already do. The stuff on the left was headed for the recycling and the bagged stuff for the garbage can. Like I said in class, I tried to weigh it, but it wouldn't read. I think it was probably about 8 lbs. worth, which over the course of the week would've been my oldest kid!

I honestly didn't think it would be this much since we do recycle, but now I'm re-thinking brands that we buy, simply to find companies that used recyclable containers (I'm thinking yogurt since Lucerne doesn't, and we go through at least 2 tubs a week!)

If you haven't done this challenge yet, I recommend doing it, especially with your kids. They can probably give good suggestions for cutting waste too--

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