Wednesday, March 17, 2010

So, now what?

I have personally been convicted to try to build a well, and I know in speaking with several of you that the importance and urgency for clean water is overwhelming.

I've kept some of you updated about the status of our Well Project in conjunction with EBC, but for those of you who may need some more info, here goes:

It looks as if September will be the big month for dealing with issues of poverty, orphans, community service, and of course, the Well. This is not to say that we have to put this idea to rest until then, but the church is willing to allow us several weeks to educate and make a plea for funds for a deep well through World Vision.

With that said, I ask that you seriously pray, not only for the success of this project, but for the congregation to be moved to action on this and other social justice topics. World Water Day is Monday, March 22--what a great way to share this project and information with your family and friends! We're in the process of getting some activities to local preschools and within the church to raise awareness of water use and our project.

I also ask you to pray for yourself--how can you find a way to get involved? If not this project, then something else close to your heart. My hope for each of you is that God has placed a specific need on your heart at the conclusion of this study to hopefully get you moving on His behalf, but also to connect you with needs in our community and our world.

Anna and I will be teaching another round of Hole in Our Gospel starting Sunday, March 21. If you missed any of the previous sessions or if you know someone who may be searching, please invite them to class. Our hope is to inspire as many of our congregants as possible--hopefully that has already happened for you. I know that I've grown more spiritually over the past 6 weeks than in the past 6 years of my life, and God has truly blessed my step of faith in Him by cultivating a love and passion for building a well. You've been given a glimpse of His plan, so now what?

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