Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Freak Out

OK, so last night as I was lying in bed I was plotting my day without water. I decided not to work out, shower before bed, brush well and cross my fingers. As I thought about this the more I became uncomfortable. Not just nervous but actually began to have a physical response. My throat was becoming dry, I felt like I was having a hard time swallowing and breathing and my heart was pounding. In the moment I was trying to not "freak out" and just go get a glass of water. I actually think I was having some kind of anxiety attack. The thought of not having water was enough to cause me to have a physical reaction of major panic and discomfort. I don't typically have panic attacks so this felt big and significant. So I reluctantly decided not to do the water challenge. However I was very aware of how accessible and how often I use water. I typically go through 3 water bottles by lunch time. Working with preschoolers I noticed the water was not only for my thirst but to recharge and start fresh... a sort of fresh slate. So water plays a huge role in my mental as well as physical health. Oh how it breaks my heart and makes me think about the anxiety and pain many have to endure through everyday without water. It's not right, nor fair. Today every time I turned on a faucet or took a drink out of my water bottle I praised God and thanked him many many many times for WATER!



  1. Interesting to see how your body responded... how do you think our minds would respond if we had to deny our children their need for water too? That's what so many moms have to do...

  2. Harm-
    I have been thinking about your beautiful and honest words all afternoon. Thank you for sharing.