Wednesday, February 17, 2010


On the topic of sheepish confessions, I have never really participated in the practice of Lent. I am not apposed. Rather I have been apathetic. But, in the context of our class, I am excited to relinquish to the Lord (for a season) two primary spaces that I usually fill with creature comforts, namely sugary snacks and movie rentals. I have been disappointed to find that in adulthood I still have the culinary palette of a junior higher and readily snap up ‘little treats’ wherever they are to be found. For forty days I want to both give God the chance to satisfy and remember, when I tempted to rummage through cupboards, that other moms are also looking for food- for their children’s only meal that day. Secondly, we like to watch movies and ‘check-out’ on the weekends. I have stacked up some books and am praying to ‘check-in’ on some heroes of the faith and issues that move the heart of God. I admit this feels like a big commitment. In the context of class, such reflections sound silly and shallow. But for that reason I share them. Because part of my ‘public and transforming relationship with the world’ begins with small honesties in safe groups. Here’s to forty days a little farther in the shadow of a mighty God!

p.s. I feel a need to say again how deeply I am appreciating this group and your encouragement as together we allow God to open our eyes to a deeper understanding of himself and his purposes for each of us here on earth.

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