Monday, February 15, 2010

Giving to Whom?

The passages we read in class this week all talk about giving. I use to see that the widow, the Macedonian Church, and the church in Jerusalem were giving to meet the needs of others. I read a lot into these passages, particularly the Macedonian Church. I focused on the fact that they were giving to another church in need. What I truly missed was that they were in fact giving to God. During class someone related a story of feeding a homeless person in San Francisco. To this faithful giver, I say, "Praise God," for the gift of a meal was not given to a man, but to God. Giving to God means that you never have to worry if the gift is used "correctly." God takes care of that. Giving to God means never having to wonder if you have given "enough." God multiplies your gift. Giving to God glorifies him, the ultimate expectation he has for us.

My walk with Christ is full of subtleties. The words of a News Boys song about being the hand's and feet of Christ once served as my rallying cry, and they still ring true today. The difference is that I now see that I am giving to God and that he sends me to do HIS work. Before, I thought I was doing HIS work when in fact I was doing MY work. In a society where charity is so ingrained it can be hard to discern the two. In China, my work is to give to God. Recall the young boy gave fish and bread to Jesus? Jesus took that act and fed 5,000. If the boy had given the food to the people, he would have fed 5 people. I strive to seek God first in China. I seek to glorify Him in every way for this is His expectation of me. I strive to serve Him first. Matthew 6:33 is always on my mind, "Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you." As odd as it might sound, I put the care of orphans in the category of "all these other things." It is all too easy to lose focus and serve the children. I say that I glorify the Lord by caring for orphans. I know this is subtle, but it has truly changed my life.

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